Contact Us

you can get in touch with us…

1. via discord: feel free to join our server and message in any of the dedicated channels to ask a general question or get in contact with a specific section editor. 

2. via email: any and all inquiries can be directed to our email,; we will do our best to get back to you within 3 school days.

3. by coming to production nights! production nights occur on a biweekly basis in UC’s JCR (Junior Common Room). you can find this year’s production schedule by clicking the schedule tab above. see below for a map of the JCR, circled in red, in reference to UC.

to enter the JCR, use the ‘H’ door accessible from sir dans quad or the ‘H’ door accessible from the UC quad, indicated here by the red arrows.

NOTE: as of january 2023, the jcr can once again be accessed from the sir dans quad h door entrance adjacent to bissell house as well as the h door adjacent to the uc quad.

university-college-cartoonmap_web copy

map credited to terry sirrell on

to exit the jcr/uc after 9 pm…

1. first, exit the jcr room and into the uc quad

2. you should see the following (fig. 1). go all the way down but do not go through the door at the end (it will be locked). instead, turn to the right when you get there.

figure 1

3. now you should be faced with this door (fig. 2). the big arched doors are likely locked but the smaller rectangular door marked “EXIT” shouldn’t be. turn the circular latch indicated in fig. 2 to open the door and enter sir dans quad (fig. 3)

figure 2
figure 3

4. fig. 4 depicts the arched doors you just exited in step 3, and located right across the quad is the archway leading to st. george street (fig. 5). go through the archway and you’re home free.

figure 4
figure 5

congrats, you are no longer doomed to wander the halls of the UC building for eternity!