What is the Gargoyle?

The Gargoyle is University College’s greasiest publication, published every two weeks, specializing in creative, satirical, subversive content. The Gargoyle promotes discussion and challenges views held for granted. The Gargoyle does not give print space to bigots, and does not simply report the news; instead, The Gargoyle prefers interesting, thoughtful commentary on world affairs, arts and culture, and wants to be a place for students to express themselves creatively.

What positions are open?

The Gargoyle is looking for the following for the 2020-2021 school year:

    • Content Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor-in-Chief
    • Production Manager
    • Treasurer
    • Copy-Editor
    • Politics Editor
    • UC Editor
    • Arts and Culture Editor
    • Opinions Editor
    • Avant-Garg Editor
    • Comics Editor
    • Illustrator


What are the responsibilities involved?

The editors-in-chief  are responsible for shaping the creative vision and tone of The Gargoyle, including securing campus outreach, overseeing the content creation process of production, and everyday maintenance and care of The Gargoyle and its affairs.

The production manager oversees the production nights themselves, including the logistics of securing food and drink, the page count of each issue, creating the margins on flats and ensuring all office supplies are in stock. The production manager also acts as general assistant to the editors-in-chief in structuring and caring for the paper’s general maintenance and tone.

The treasurer creates and presents the budget in October and also oversees financial affairs, managing and organizing finances and expenses responsibly and signing cheques.

The copy-editor corrects technical errors in all pieces submitted to the Gargoyle before being published. The copy-editor is also responsible for first suggestions to the section editors regarding each piece.

The politics, uc, opinions, arts and culture, avant garg and comics editors are all section editor positions, who curate and create content for the Gargoyle. They dictate the very look and feel of their sections in the paper and work with contributors to provide consistent high-quality content.

The illustrator is often also the comics editor, but may be their own position. They create the iconic covers for each issue, based on the themes and content planned by the EICS and editorial collective.

Who is eligible to apply?

All members of the editorial collective must be undergraduate students at the University of Toronto for the year of their term (so, you must be in attendance for Fall and Winter of 2020-2021). In general, contributors or staff members who have worked with us throughout the year are the only ones allowed to apply, but we welcome anyone interested to attend and announce their candidacy– we like initiative.

Ideal applicants will embody the spirit of the Gargoyle and its mission; be consistently active and committed to creating and curating content alone and with contributors; and be ready to work as part of a collective sharing creative control.

Even if you don’t make the position, we always need contributors and staff members — and you’ll rack up experience to scale the ranks the next year!

How do I apply?

Since we are moving our elections online, you will need to fill out this form to submit your candidacy. Instead of in person interviews, we are going ahead via Discord on March 23rd 2020. 4-8 pm. If you are unavailable we can offer an alternative. It is part of the form!

If you have any further questions, want to create a new position entirely, or have bold ideas to take over the Gargoyle wholesale, please email us at ucgargoyle@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest!