Submission Process

Do you read the Gargoyle and think:

  • “I want to put some articles in this! And my creative work, too! But if only I was hired as a writer…”

or even:

  • “I want to run this operation immediately!” (no, seriously, it’s common)

If so, rest easy — the Gargoyle, as a student-funded publication, is dedicated to expressing the opinions of any student on campus. We have no “hired writers” — we have editors who serve as curators of everyone’s work. We are a mere venue for expression and opinion of any kind and are always accepting submissions related to opinions; arts and culture pieces; science articles; poetry and short fiction; illustrative, graphic work, and collage; and comics. We implore you to challenge us and your fellow students. Send any content or questions about our publication to Or come in person to one of our production nights and make something with us!

Interested in an editorial position? Editorial positions are assigned by interview process once a year in March. Look for online postings when applicable on our social media accounts, in our latest issue, or through our mailing list.